I commenced working at the Royal Marsden School in September 2018. My clinical career started as a Medic in the Royal Air Force in 2006. I was later afforded the opportunity to become a Paramedic and went on to complete my FdSc Degree in Paramedic Science at Birmingham City University.
The rest of my military career had me deployed on five Operational tours, one attached to an infantry Squadron as a Medic. Three subsequent tours as a Paramedic operating on the back of a Chinook helicopter as part of the Medical Emergency Response Team (MERT). The final tour was to provide both emergency and primary healthcare cover to 70 people deployed in Africa. I was also fortunate enough to be deployed on numerous Exercises in the UK, Europe, America and the Caribbean.
Upon leaving the Royal Air Force I went to work for the Ambulance Service full time, by which point I had also completed my BSc (Hons) in Pain Management. I went on to become one of the Cancer / End Of Life Care Leads for North Wiltshire, in a project with Macmillan designed to improve the level of care given to this patient group by acting as a liaison both whilst on shift and in orchestrating training and links with the local Hospice.
I then decided to relocate back to my home County of Sussex where I became the Head of a Hospice in the Home team. 
I have a long term interest in helping others to learn and develop, with experience of teaching both in the military, NHS and hospice setting.
The modules/pathways I am supporting students on are as follows;


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