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Take our word for it!

It’s not just students who say the School is an excellent place to improve their skills and education; our lecturers and staff think it’s pretty special too

We might be biased, but we believe The Royal Marsden School is one of the best places – if not the best – to learn about cancer care. So, we asked a number of our lecturer practitioners and support staff why they think you should study with us.

Dr Catherine Wilson, head of school

“I’ve been with the School for seven years, and it’s been a real joy and a privilege to be here. One of the most unique selling points is that all the academic staff have a really strong clinical background and a passion for cancer care. This means the courses we design and provide make a real difference to students’ practice. I absolutely believe that our education helps improve patient care.”

Helene Hibbert, lecturer practitioner

“Teaching at the School is a really exciting opportunity for me to share some of my experiences, and to learn from other people. The student feedback is marvelous – most heartening is when they tell us they’ve immediately taken their learning back into the workplace. I’ve had a couple of letters from students who say how much their training has reinvigorated their enthusiasm for their profession and changed the way they work with patients, because they’ve seen things differently or have recognized things in a different way.”

Giselle Rambaran, student support services supervisor

“I enjoy working at the School because of the interaction that we get with the students. We help and support them throughout their academic journey, from helping them choose the right modules through to receiving their ratified results letters.We’re there every step of the way, even giving them directions for where they need to go on the first day of their course!"


We’re there every step of the way, even giving them directions for where they need to go on the first day of their course!

Giselle Rambaran, student support services supervisor

Janice Barrett, Advanced Practice clinical lecturer practitioner

“I would really recommend coming to the School because we have such small class sizes, which means we can give you much more attention. There’s also a very friendly atmosphere and we have excellent resources, like the library. I like teaching practical skills that will make you better as a nurse. I love it when students get really good grades, but what matters to me most is that you feel more confident and are better able to care for your patient at their bedside.”

YiWen Hon, knowledge resources manager

“One of the things I really enjoy about working at the School is that we form close, personal relationships with all the students. We can provide 1-1 training and support in literature researching, critical appraisal and referencing to ensure that you have all the necessary skills and knowledge to do well academically. We will always go the extra mile to help you do your best. I also like the feeling that we’re making a positive difference to patients in an indirect way, by helping students to improve cancer care across the country.”

Take our word for it! | The Royal Marsden School
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