Academic credits

15 credits at level 7

Entry requirements

Students need to be on a Masters pathway

Course summary

Working at an advanced level in healthcare provision requires staff to have an in-depth knowledge of the research process. Working at Master’s Level involves not only being able to understand the research process but also developing the skills needed to be able to design and conduct research. This includes understanding the key principles of clinical audits and service evaluations and their role in furthering evidence-based practice as well as understanding the processes involved in empirical research. 

This module will enable students to gain the knowledge and skills required to understand and use research to explore, influence and further develop evidence based cancer practice.  Students will have the opportunity to critically review research methodologies and their application to clinical practice.  Students on this module will demonstrate an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the discipline informed by current scholarship and research, including a critical awareness of current issues and developments in the subject.  The role of clinical audit and service evaluation will be critically explored together with its application to the current health care context. 

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