Length of module

Equivalent to 5 days (combination of classroom and online tuition)



Academic credits and level

15 credits at level 6 or 7

Entry requirements

Applicants should have access to patients receiving radiotherapy as a treatment modality for their cancer diagnosis

Course summary

This module provides an opportunity for health care professionals to critically evaluate the current body of evidence related to radiotherapy as a treatment modality and thereby enhance their knowledge and skills in planning and delivering holistic care to patients undergoing different types of radiotherapy – external beam therapy, brachytherapy and radioisotope treatments.

This is a blended learning module and some content is delivered on-line. E-learning materials are released on specified dates and students are expected to log in and participate in the activities during that week. Students do not need to log in at a specific date/time.

I enjoyed interacting with colleagues from different settings and sharing experiences together.

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